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Wayfarer Tiny Homes are masterpieces in micro-luxury living being architecturally designed and engineered to withstand the harshest Australian climate. They epitomise the compromise between strength and beauty.

They carry an impressive C4 cyclonic wind rating built with ‘earth anchor’ tie downs integral to their well thought out engineered steel skid base – instead of the usual dual axle trailers most tiny houses are built on.

Constructed primarily from recyclable structural concrete products, their low-burn fire ratings, resistance to rot, termites and pests make them a viable out of the box, ‘plug and play’ or ‘off-grid’ housing solution in a range of challenging environments that can be ordered and delivered anywhere in Australia ready to live in.

Wayfarer Tiny Homes unique floor to ceiling panoramic window walls create majestic views and are designed to be open, airy and flooded with natural light. They were designed to take advantage of passive solar heating during the winter months, while cross flow ventilation and use of second story louvre windows creates a natural convective cooling effect in the summer.

Careful environmental consideration in our design was given to long-term habitation of our Tiny Homes.

Use of a waterless composting toilet manages bio-organic waste while saving you money by not having to flush away approximately 32,000 litres of water per year. Grey water used in the home’s shower, sink and washing machine are collected for processing in an on-board, proprietary greywater treatment plant invented right here in Australia. High organically loaded waste water from the kitchen sink and dishwasher goes through a two-stage processing before being released back into the environment as clean water that can be recycled into vegetable gardens or to water lawns – just the way nature intended.

The interior of the Wayfarer Tiny Home has a chef inspired kitchen with full sized, in-built appliances with an overwhelming amount of functional upper and lower cabinet storage space. We provide several options for appliances with SMEG and Haffele official appliance partners with Wayfarer Tiny Homes providing quality, chic Italian appliances.

The central portion of the home features a bright open space with soaring vaulted ceilings and commercial grade polished aluminium extruded frames and 6mm laminated glass.  This not only provides long lines of sight to give you the illusion it is much larger than it is, it physically opens up the house completely blurring the lines between interior and exterior uses of space.

The back wall hides an additional wall-mounted main floor queen bed while boasting loads of shelving and storage, pull out desks with USB plugins and ample power points, a drop-down dining table and a host of other space saving luxuries that are hidden away to keep the space looking clean and crisp.

‘His & Hers’ wardrobes provide needed hanging clothes storage and form the entranceway to the bathroom.

The bathroom boasts a full-sized stand- alone tub and shower, waterless composting toilet, sink and wall to wall mirrored vanity, with an in-built 7.5kg washing machine with practical laundry folding facilities above.

Additional queen sized sleeping lofts sit above the kitchen and the loft above the bathroom is currently styled as a full lounge room where you can curl up and read a book, watch TV or work on your laptop.

The Wayfarer Tiny Home is connected to power, water and cable (if available) through a ‘plug and play’ system giving the option of having on-site WiFi. With an on-board power conversion panel, simply plug into any 20a electrical outlet with an extension cord. No need for an electrician. Hot water is generously supplied through an LPG powered, on demand, Bosch 4000 hot water system that will never leave you out in the cold and all services are stored in a weather-proof utility shed that is an integral part of the steel skid.

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Stage #1 – Delivery and setup of the steel engineered iBeam skid base

Stage #2 – Framing

Stage #3 – Moisture Barrier

Stage #4 – Exterior Cladding

Stage #5 – Plumbing

Stage #6 – Electrical

Stage #7 – Interior Sheeting

Stage #8 – Cabinetry

Stage #9 – Tiling

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