A Self-sustainable, Smart, Mobile Capsule Homes

If you are looking to buy a capsule home for yourself, or your business, Ecocapsules are the eco tiny home of the future. Portable, affordable, unique and green, Ecocapsules are the answer for:

  • Homeowners – great solutions for a granny flat, teenage retreat or to make a little extra cash with an AirBNB.
  • Home based businesses – the ideal, stand alone, fully self contained office space.
  • International Airport Accommodation – A unique self contained alternative to cramped overnight sleep pods. Ecocapsule can be set-up indoors and connected to mains power and water and signwritten for extra sponsorship earnings potential.
  • Mines, Rural construction or Civil projects – any project where affordable self-contained housing is needed. Ecocapsules can be transported by truck, specialised trailer and even helicopter to the most remote or rugged locations Australia has to offer. No additional plumbing, sewage or power infrastructure investment required.
  • Resorts, Hotels, Motels and other modern accommodation providers – imagine being able to offer your guests a fully self sustainable accommodation option, zero environmental footprint and a completely unique experience. Ecocapsules are the tiny home option that can do just that. Expand your room night capability without expensive infrastructure costs and long lead times to build.
Ecocapsule trailer

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A Truly Eco Friendly Pod Home – Zero Emissions

These days we are all aware of our ecological footprints and the need to make green choices. Ecocapsule makes being green easy, affordable and luxurious.

Boasting both high efficiency solar cells to maximise energy production and low noise wind turbines to produce electricity 24 hours a day, the Ecocapsule ensures you are never without power unexpectedly by including a 9.6 KW backup battery.

And it doesn’t stop with electricity. The unique shape of the Ecocapsule also maximises condensation and rainwater collection which it then filters and stores for when you need it.

Looking For An Eco-friendly Pod Home?

Luxury Home With A Tiny Footprint

Whether it’s a granny flat or guest house for unexpected guests, a backyard office pod or a portable housing option for worksites, size can make a difference.

The Ecocapsule is a mere 4.7 m long, 2.2 m wide and 2.5 m tall (4.5 m with wind turbine) making it convenient for just about any space. Inside you find everything you need in only 6.3 square meters. It also only weight 1350kg (1570kg with full tanks) so transporting your Ecocapsule can be done via the specially designed Ecocapsule trailer, truck or helicopter,

With all the luxury of home, the creature comforts you expect and a footprint this small, the possibilities are endless.

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What Will You Use Your Ecocapsule For?

Unique Accomodation For Your Unique Location

Off Grid Homes

The spheroid shape of the Ecocapsule may be designed for practical minimisation of energy loss and maximisation of water collection, but it also provides a unique and attractive, almost art like appearance that fits in comfortably in equally unique locations.

Great for AirBNB’s, these off-grid accommodation pods leave all the possibilities open, bush, beach, remote wilderness.

If you have a space in mind and would like to see how it would look, the Ecocapsule AR App available from the Play Store here provides an augmented reality experience that lets you place your ecocapsule wherever you like. It also has an option to place a life-sized virtual 3D Ecocapsule that can be explored from the inside.

Where Will You Put Your Ecocapsule?

Fully Mobile Capsule Home

Designed for easy transportation with a width of merely 2.2m your Ecocapsule home is able to go just about anywhere you can. The custom made Ecocapsule trailer is suitable for most regular passenger vehicles. Perfect for easy relocation.

This means your Ecocapsule can be your ticket to living all around the country, or perhaps splitting your time between town and country. 

For those who are into the water life, you can also purchase a custom-made Ecocapsule pontoon. That’s right, the Ecocapsule is so portable you can turn it into a houseboat for a short or mid term water lifestyle.

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Ecocapsule Interior Gallery

Where Will You Go With Your Relocatable Home?

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Win A Dream Eco Pod Home For Free?

Have you got dreams of living the simple life somewhere remote? Keen to earn a little extra income from a unique AirBNB? Dreaming of starting an eco retreat of your own but want to try it first?

To celebrate the wonder that is the Ecocapsule we will be offering one lucky winner their very own free Ecocapsule.

Want A Chance To Win Your Very Own?

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Bulk Orders And Commercial Opportunities

Have you been considering monetising vacant land, starting a glamping site? Creating your own eco resort? Looking to expand your existing accommodation offerings? 

Imagine being able to invite guests to stay in a completely off grid location in their own fully self sustainable pod. No electricity, heating or cooling costs for you as the owner, a completely unique experience for the guest.

The Ecocapsule provides eco pod homes at prices you can afford, with everything you need to install completely off grid as an environmental glamping or eco accommodation option. 

Corporate customers may also like to consider corporate signage as a vehicle wrap to completely personalise their Ecocapsule. Investment opportunities are also available for those who wish to buy their Ecocapsule in multiples.

Are You Ready To Start Making Ecocapsule Work For You?

Technical Specs

We understand how important it is to have the details when you buy a tiny home. Some of our key technical specifications include:

  • Size – Exterior length (4.67m), exterior width (2.2m), exterior height (2.5m), exterior height with wind turbine pole extended (4.1m), gross floor area (8.2m square), internal floor area (6.3m square).
  • Weight – Dry with empty tanks (1350kg), with full tanks (1570kg), including trailer and full tanks (2000kg).
  • Energy – Low noise wind turbine producing 750W and High Efficiency solar panels producing 880W. 
  • Construction – Ecocapsule body is made with a steel framework overlaid with insulated fibreglass shells. Internal furniture is made from lightweight honeycomb panels with a wood veneer finish.
  • Inclusions – Air Conditioning and heating unit, water heater, LED lights, Smart home system and sensors, Water filtration system.

Want Even More Of The Technical?

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